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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Snake-Eyes Commando mshadow
Snake-Eyes Commando past nastification
Snake-Eyes Silent Ninja Commando HellfireSamurai
Snake-Eyes Commando unmasked lavenderlad
Solid Snake Commando Rambo
Special Agent Red Covert operations Blood Brigade
Specialist Squad Green Shirts Different Specialties jak1996
Spirit Commando Kamakura
Spirit Air Commando bucky
Stalker Commando carnage717
Stealth Infiltration remster_9
Stick Shift Specialist Squad's Driver jak1996
Stiletto Consortium Shadow Unit Sniper Phobus
Stormavik Commando Dragonfly2099
Stormavik Commando Stormavik
Stormavik Oktober Guard Commando turner
Taipans Cobra Commando ABN_Bearcat
Throwdown Commando Vanishing Point
Tiger Claw Former Apprentice/Commando Punk alleyviperelite
Topson Commando SNAKE
Tucson Heavy gunner Commando David Jake
Tunnel Rat Specialist squad Squad E.O.D. jak1996
Ultra Viper Survivalist/Infiltrator Phobus
Venison Jungle trooper David Jake
Viper Commando Urban Guerrilla Leader TARGAT
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