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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Claire Lerouge Great granddaughter of Redbeard the Pirate bcost74
Clairvoyant Cobra Intelligence Trooper Tim 121RVC
Cleopatra EXCAL's New ADVENTURE TEAM drbindy
Co Bao Undercover. Spy Rambo
Coastline Coast Guard Officer iwbeta
Coastline Coast Guard Mainframe
Cobra Infantry (Female) Viper
Cobra Female Trooper whakojacko
Cobra Bay Watch Baroness Cobra Bay Patrol fettsplace
Cobra Commandress Leader of Cobra Agentjh
Cobra Commandress Leader of Cobra Phalanxx
Cobra Female Officer Cobra Officer 1:12th lmateo002
Cobra Hottie Seduction Hunk
Cobra Invasor Commando Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Cobra Maintenance Engineer Cobra Maintenance (Female) y2kor
Cobra Officer Female Officer Sharkbait
Cobra Soldier Infantry (Female) Kamakura
Cobra Trainee Female Trainee Sharkbait
Cobra Trooper Female Regular Sharkbait
Cobra Trooper Female Infantry with Black Mask Red Logo lmateo002
Cobra Trooper Female Trooper Moto-Viper
Coils Baroness Coils Intelligence Officer ZombieGuide
Col. Rosa Klebb KGB Colnel Lance Sputnik
Colleen Wing Hero for Hire joemichaels70
Colonel Wilma Deering Earth Defense Directorate drbindy
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