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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Stalker Commando carnage717
Stalker Tundra Ranger (V2) KrushViper
Sterling Archer The Duchess joemichaels70
T-800 Terminator T2 Terminator and liquid T1000 bcost74
The ANTI-FANBOY Johnny Jacobs bcost74
The Blue Hood Assassin Kilcarr
The Spider Man Crime Fighter joemichaels70
The Unknown Cobra Eel Defector The pros from Dover
Topson Infantry Lance Sputnik
Torch DreadKop - World Without End parts 1 and 2 bcost74
Toxo-Viper Hostile Environment Trooper KrushViper
V Commander Alien Visitor with Lizard head bcost74
Vampizer Tracker/Hunter CDR
Veronica Mars Private Investigator Veronica Mars
War Machine Weapons Designer Mainframe
White Mortal (GIJCC Cobra Mortal) Assassin joemichaels70
Wild Bill Air Cavalry Scout icecreamman
Wild Star cold Slither Heavy Metal Rock Band Guitarist Mainframe
Winchester Adventurer Kilcarr
Wreckage Demolitions CDR
Yukon Cornelius Arctic Specialist gunzlingr
Zandar Brother of Zartan and Zarana bcost74
Zangief Bear wrestler, street fighter Tim 121RVC
Zanzibar Street Clothes CDR
Zarana Sister of Zartan and Zandar bcost74
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