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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Pound Player Narcotics Trafficker past nastification
Pox Viper "Frass" and Slow Roll & Talent Show Biological Warfare & Patient Zero Monkeys past nastification
Professor Amijaan Patel Bio-Cyberneticist Oneforceleader
Psycho Mantis FOXHOUND member Dark Horse
Pythona Cobra-La Assassin past nastification
Raina DeCobray Cobra Leader Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Rampart Shoreline Defender UncleHappy
Recondo Jungle Trooper snowman_ejc
Red Condor Jet pack trooper Dark Horse
Red Jackel Weapons Dealer Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Red Ninja Edged Weapons Specialist past nastification
Red Skull Evil Genius joemichaels70
Red Titan Shadow Walker driver Dark Horse
Red Torch Flamethrower trooper Dark Horse
Red Wolf Pilot past nastification
Redwolf Adventurer past nastification
Repeater Rise of Cobra Aca1raven2002
Ripcord infantry/pilot raptor
Ripcord Paratrooper (Desert Ambush) snowman_ejc
Roadblock Heavy Machine Gunner snowman_ejc
Roadblock EXCAL Warrior; Knighthawk's body guard drbindy
Rusty Desert Ambush Patrol: Code Named Whiskey Rick Wheeler
SAW Viper Machine gunner actionjoe77
Scarlett Intelligence SoaUSMColRet
Scarlett Covert Operations/Accelerator Suit snowman_ejc
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