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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Rock & Roll Machine gunner Vanishing Point
Rock 'N Roll Sigma 6 S.E.A.L. Mysterious Stranger
Rock N' Roll Heavy Machine Gunner Lt. Falcone
Rock-Viper mountaineer Vanishing Point
Royal Guards Cobra La guards Vanishing Point
Ruckus Jungle Recon Vanishing Point
Rue Kangaroo companion Vanishing Point
Ruslan Oktober Guard Recon Vanishing Point
Scarface Cobra Officer Vanishing Point
Scarlett Sigma 6 Cartoon Version TeknoKyo
Scarlett Counter Intelligence Vanishing Point
Scarlett Sigma 6 Matthew
Scarlett Sigma 6 Microlady Matthew
Scarlett Counter Intelligence MacGyver
Scarlett V2 Intelligence MacGyver
Scarlett V4 Intelligence MacGyver
Scrage Oktober Guard Paratrooper Vanishing Point
Seige Super Trooper Vanishing Point
Serpentor Cobra Emperor Vanishing Point
Serpentress Cobra High Priestess Vanishing Point
Sgt. Bowser Empire City K-9 officer Vanishing Point
Sgt. Savage Screaming Eagles Commander Vanishing Point
Sgt. Slaughter Sigma Six Drill Instructor felyxz
Shadow Tracker Jungle Predator Vanishing Point
Shipwreck Sigma 6 Matthew
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