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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Red Skull World Domination, MEDUSA drbindy
Renaldo "Doc" Fortunato Air Pirate drbindy
Renny Renwick EXCAL Engineer, Doc Savage 'Fab Five' drbindy
Rick Deckard Blade Runner drbindy
Roadblock EXCAL Warrior; Knighthawk's body guard drbindy
Robin EXCAL Paladin Trainee drbindy
Robin Alternate Suit for Tim Drake drbindy
Robin a.k.a. Tim Drake drbindy
Robin Batman's sidekick, Tim Drake drbindy
Rock 'N' Roll Machine Gunner drbindy
Rogue EXCAL Mystic drbindy
S.A.F.E. Commander Adventure Team Sub-Squad Leader drbindy
Sam Cobra (with Satan) Gambler, Thief drbindy
Scarlett Renegade drbindy
Scarlett v. 1.1 drbindy
Scarlett EXCAL Paladin drbindy
Sgt. Onyeji Warpigs Drill Instructor drbindy
Sgt. Ratinio SAFE Squad Commando drbindy
Sgt. Steele Steele Vs. drbindy
Sherlock Holmes Detective drbindy
Silk Spectre Watchmen/EXCAL drbindy
Sinbad Ancient Adventurer drbindy
Snake Plissken Escaping drbindy
Solid Snake Commando drbindy
Space Ghost Intergalactic Crime Fighting (and tv host) drbindy
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