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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Cover Girl Intel Agent/Armor Expert (EXCAL) drbindy
Cover Girl Armored Vehicle Driver toy-nutz
Cover Girl Armored Vehicle Driver iwbeta
Cover Girl Motor Pool Lance Sputnik
Cover Girl Tracked Vehicle Warrant Officer Midgarn
Cover Girl Armored Vehicle Expert Pyre
Covergirl Mobile Missle Platform Driver wertdog78
Covergirl Mechanic Vanishing Point
Covergirl Armored Vehicle Expert Poody2
Crimson Asp Saboteur past nastification
Crimson Assassin Assassin kaworu
Crimson Guard Female Crimson Guard Commander husker85
Crimson Guardess Elite Cobra Trooper yjagg
Crimson Guardswoman "Carla" series Midgarn
Crimson Valkyries All-Female Crimson Guard Unit The Baroness
CRO Girl 1 Cobra Recruitment Officer TeknoKyo
Croc Mistress Female Animal Trainer carnage717
Cuffs Military Police harlie
Cyanotica Femme Fatale, Cobra Clone/Bio-weapon The pros from Dover
D.Q. Pathologist joemichaels70
Daerneys Targaryen Exiled Dragonlord pluv
Dailtone Communications Dayspring
Daina Sniper Stormavik
Daina Oktober Guard Sniper/Pilot Kwinn_Lives
Daina Helicopter Pilot / Sniper HypnoHustler
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  Page 10 of 37

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