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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Action Soldier 50th Anniversary Army Soldier OreoBuilder
Action Soldier Airborne Paratrooper Elite Infantry Major Creator
Adventure Team Commander Someone to give orders,sign requisitions etc. C Richter
Anton Janus II MARS Chief Geneticist Joeczar
Arctic Bulletman Cold Weather Environment Specialist Joeczar
BulletBat Super Adventure Team Member Joeczar
Capt. Miller Saving Pvt. Ryan 1/6 scale hero dfreese37
Captain America The First Avenger Joeczar
Cobra Trooper "Belltoll" Infantry Rifleman C Richter
Cobra Trooper "Beta" Infantry Assault Rifleman C Richter
Cobra Trooper "Blastard" Infantry Bazooka Trooper C Richter
Cobra Trooper "Bloodface" Infantry Light Machinegun Trooper C Richter
Cobra Viper Cobra Infantry giTom1025
Cpt. Miller 12" Saving Private Ryan bucky
Desert Adventurer Sagebrush Surprise! C Richter
Disney Adventurer Walt Disney Parks Explorer toy-nutz
Doctor Ballistic Evil Bulletman from Another Dimension Joeczar
Duke Field Operations Commander C Richter
Duke Field Commander giTom1025
Duke Field Commander - G.I. Joe Resolute giTom1025
Duke Resolute - Upgrade giTom1025
Falcon 1st Lieutenant C Richter
Falcon Green Beret giTom1025
Flint Warrant Officer giTom1025
Flint Chief Warrant Officer/Tactical Operations C Richter
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