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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Beach Head 30th Anniversary Pugsley
Cobra Air Trooper The Enemy (Air Trooper) HissHissFangFang
Cobra Commander Enemy Leader, 30th Hooded HissHissFangFang
Cobra Communications Officer The Enemy (Comms Officer, 30th Anniversary HissHissFangFang
Cobra Flamethrower The Enemy (Flamethrower) HissHissFangFang
Cobra Invasor Invasor-ing ska_lives
Cobra Officer The Enemy (Officer, 30th Anniversary) HissHissFangFang
Cobra Officer POC Version nighthawk
Combine Heavy Vehicle Operator bucky
Duke Field Commander bucky
Firefly 30th Anniversary Pugsley
Hitori Ikiryo Ninja Assassin Dusty79
Lana Kane Agent of Isis drbindy
Lt. Falcon Green Beret Pyre
Psyche-Out Psy-Ops mikomatsing
Ramar and Selena Slaves of the Cobra Master (30th style) Hard-er Master
Rampart Shoreline Defense bucky
Roadblock Heavy Machine Gunner, Culinary Master bucky
Scrap Iron Anti Armor Specialist/Inventor bucky
Swamp Rat Cobra Swamp Fighter bucky
Wet Suit Combat Diver (SEAL TEAM SIX) Hard-er Master
Zartan Master of Disguise Pyre
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