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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Action Man Para 50th Anniversary Action Man Para OreoBuilder
Action Man UN Peacekeeper 50th Anniversary Action Man UN Peacekeeper OreoBuilder
Antifreeze Cold Weather Operations past nastification
Captain Zargon Mercenary Space Pirate 8bitboy
Dr. X & Snap Evil Scientist & Uncouth Reptile past nastification
Knuck Williams Adventurer past nastification
Natalie Poole Adventurer past nastification
No Face Hit man past nastification
Professor Gangrene Mad Scientist (Council of Doom) past nastification
Redwolf Adventurer past nastification
Tempest Weather Manipulator past nastification
X-Robot Attack Robot past nastification
Zargonite Space Ranger Pirate 8bitboy
Zargonite Prototype Space Ranger Pirate 8bitboy
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