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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Adventure Team Artic Adventurer Polar Explorer toy-nutz
Adventure Team Commander Someone to give orders,sign requisitions etc. C Richter
Air Adventurer Adventure Team Helicopter Pilot toy-nutz
Airlift Air Adventurer OreoBuilder
Amphibious Adventurer Agent Atoll Mission C Richter
Antonio Banderas Adventurer Lance Sputnik
Arctic Adventurer 50th Anniversary Fight for Survival OreoBuilder
Charlie Cutter Adventurer Lance Sputnik
Chloe Frazier Adventurer Lance Sputnik
Copter Rescue Adventurer 50th Anniversary Copter Rescue Adventurer OreoBuilder
Deep Sea Diver 50th Anniversary Eight Ropes of Danger OreoBuilder
Desert Adventurer Sagebrush Surprise! C Richter
Deuce EXCAL Pilot Privateer drbindy
Doc Savage The Man of Bronze...EXCAL Science Director drbindy
Eddy Raja Adventurer Lance Sputnik
Elena Fisher Photojournalist Lance Sputnik
Elena Fisher Reporter Lance Sputnik
Frozen Biome Adventurer Antarctic Aberration Adventure C Richter
GI Joe the Adventurer Adventurer OreoBuilder
Harry Flynn Adventurer Lance Sputnik
Indiana Jones Archeologist/Adventurer Dark Horse
Jessie Bannon Adventurer past nastification
Jonny Quest Hacker, Adventurer, Science, Intel drbindy
Jungle Adventurer 50th Anniversary White Tiger Hunt OreoBuilder
Lance Sputnik Summer of Sputnik Lance Sputnik
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