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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
A.V.A.C. Firebat Pilot Tunnel Rat
Ace Fixed-Wing Aircraft Pilot Spin Doctor
Ace Pilot MacGyver
Ace Fighter Pilot y2kor
Ace Fixed-Wing Aircraft Pilot sgartz
Ace Nighthawk Pilot Fat Tony
Ace Pilot SSgt Groover
Ace Experimental Test Pilot Matthew
Ace Sky-Striker Pilot Tunnel Rat
Ace Fighter Pilot singsingjohnny
Ace Pilot mshadow
Ace Mission Briefing Lance Sputnik
ASPECT-Viper Forward Air Controller starviper
Barnstormer Fixed Wing Pilot harlie
Big Mac Squadron Leader G.I.JAC
Blackjack Conquest Pilot CDR
Bloodhound Wilderness Search & Rescue Doc Rob
Bombshell Airborne Infantry Mainframe
Bombstrike Forward Air Controller Sgt Humpty
Bones U.S. Air Force Pararescue Jumper The pros from Dover
Captain Ace Jet Pilot minstrelboy
Cloudburst Combat Controller Midgarn
Cobra Air Troopers Rattler Crew Tunnel Rat
Countdown Astronaut Midgarn
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