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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Adventure Team Artic Adventurer Polar Explorer toy-nutz
Alpine Mountaineer danielb
Alpine Mountaineer pluv
Alpine Mountain Trooper BadAsh
Arctic Adventurer 50th Anniversary Fight for Survival OreoBuilder
Arctic Beachhead Ranger The Gooch
Arctic Bulletman Cold Weather Environment Specialist Joeczar
Arctic Tele-Viper Cobra Communications sgcaper
Arctic Trooper Arctic Infantry OreoBuilder
Arctic Wolf Arctic warfare & Sniper tigertank
Avalanche Cold Weather Survival Driver Vanishing Point
Avalanche 181st Serpents Demolitionist iwbeta
Bazooka Blowing stuff up danielb
Bianca the Snow Serpent Arctic Trooper Moto-Viper
Big Bear Broken Star Anti-armor specialist jak1996
Big Ben SAS Arctic Trooper Doc Rob
Big Ben Arctic Infantry KrushViper
Black Ice Arctic Specialist THE Mike™
Black Ice Artic Specialist Scramble
Black Ice Arctic Specialist (Sigma 6) THE Mike™
Black Ice Viper Black Ice's Personal Entourage Scramble
Blizzard Arctic Attack Soldier elgoodo
Blizzard Arctic Attack Soldier Midgarn
Blizzard Arctic Attack Soldier Pyre
Blizzard Arctic Trooper snowman_ejc
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