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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Alley Viper Juggernaut Heavy Assault Unit kramer 70
Back-Stop Armor blackrazor1
Cobra Armoured NCO Tank Crew Leader starviper
Cobra Commander In Battle Gear Enemy Leader Pugsley
Cover Girl Armored Vehicle Driver Die Hunn
Cover Girl Intel Agent/Armor Expert (EXCAL) drbindy
Cover Girl Armored Vehicle Driver Otto the Otter
Cover Girl Tank Driver Spin Doctor
Crimson Guard Knight FNAadventures
Desert H.I.S.S. Driver Desert Infantry dubq
Heavy Metal Heavy armor David Jake
Iron Man v.1 EXCAL Warrior drbindy
Python Moto-Viper Python S.T.U.N. Drivers Dream
Python Patrol Armor Viper Heavy Assault Python Viper
SlipperBot Tony Stark's casual home footwear automaton pluv
Steeler Commander, EXCAL Armor Division drbindy
Steeler Arctic Armor Commander, for Custom Con drbindy
Steeler Tank Commander Spin Doctor
Steeler Tank Commander Sgt Humpty
Steeler Beach-Head's Brigade armor Liquidation-d
Tony Stark Iron Man drbindy
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