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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
B.A.A.T. 2.1 Exo-Atmospheric Battle Android Tsunami
B.A.H. Battle Android HISS joemichaels70
B.A.T. Battle Android Trooper mshadow
B.A.T. Combat, version 2 the odinson
B.A.T. Card art version of battle android trooper the odinson
B.A.T. (Battle Damaged) Cobra Shock Troops specoptoys
B.A.T. Leader Battle Android Trooper series X-7 kramer 70
B.A.T. Prototype Android Intelligence Sgt.Rican
B.A.T. v2 Battle Damaged skystriker
B.U.G.S. Bionic UpGrade Symbiote DanOfTheDead
BAAT Heavy Armor Battle Android Troopers Vanishing Point
Cardboard B.A.T. Disposable Battle Android Trooper vidmouse
Cobra S.W.A.R.M. Airborne Assault Jin saotome
GI Joe Terminator T1000 drgeary77
Glitch 3.0 COBRA Tech Designer DanOfTheDead
H.A.S.B.A.T. Heavy Assault Sentry Battle Android Trooper fredro
Hawk B.A.T. Cobra Infiltration Android StevieSNLD
Headhunter B.A.T. Android Trooper Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
HouseBAT V2 Full Dress Version joemichaels70
Howler BAT Drone Operator Dusty79
Mega B.A.T. Mega Battle Andriod Trooper Oneforceleader
Overkill BAT Commander Pyre
Overkill BAT Commander snowman_ejc
Overkill Mk.1 BAT COMMANDER Vanishing Point
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