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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
411 Information Systems Technician LeeMarvin80
Backdraft Flamethrower Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Chiller Superpowered Cold Weather Menace LeeMarvin80
Cool Breeze Bronze Bombers Enemy OreoBuilder
CrazeBlaze Pyro/Flamethrower KrushViper
Doctor Frost Cryo-weapons Researcher LeeMarvin80
Hard Drive Computer Systems Technician LeeMarvin80
Justice Air Force Security Force LeeMarvin80
Justice Bronze Bombers Advanced Weapons OreoBuilder
Kaboom Bronze Bombers Explosive Expert OreoBuilder
Krunch Bronze Bombers Surveillance Specialist OreoBuilder
Krunch Urban Infantry LeeMarvin80
Mapman Reconnaissance LeeMarvin80
Mapman Jackson Jungle Trooper OreoBuilder
No Flak Bronze Bombers Desert Ops OreoBuilder
Roughshod Vehicle Operations LeeMarvin80
Roughshot Pilot / Aerial Recon OreoBuilder
Roughshot Infantry Commander LeeMarvin80
Shaka Johnson Mortar Soldier OreoBuilder
Shortburst Bronze Bombers Weapons Expert OreoBuilder
Suppressor X Bronze Bombers Visionary OreoBuilder
Suppressor X Urban Operations Infantry LeeMarvin80
Sure Fire Bronze Bombers Heavy Weapons OreoBuilder
Sure Fire Desert Mortar Man LeeMarvin80
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