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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Ambush Concealment specialist / marksman StevieSNLD
Ambush GI Joe Concealment Specialist OreoBuilder
Bushmaster Cobra Range Viper Commander LIVEVIL
Claymore International Action Force alleyviperelite
Cobra SCYTHE Screen and Skirmish Yeomanry starviper
Cobra Trooper Desert Infantry Specialist 1:12th Scale lmateo002
Duke Battle Corps First Sergeant OreoBuilder
Lance Sputnik Goofball Lance Sputnik
Major Devistation Toxic Crusader Environmentalist Vanishing Point
Otis Dreadhead alleyviperelite
Outback Survival Specialist mshadow
Range Vipers Cobra Wilderness Troopers LIVEVIL
Recoil Long Range Recon Patrol Dream
Ruckus Jungle Recon Vanishing Point
Sandstorm Desert Soldier alleyviperelite
Spike Infantry mshadow
Storm Shadow 1988 Update alleyviperelite
Tunnel Rat EOD & Sapper sgcaper
Vance Dreadhead alleyviperelite
Vanguard Immortals Scout alleyviperelite
Vypra Firefly's Follower alleyviperelite
Wet-Suit Mission Brazil II/Navy Work Uniform III Camo Pugsley
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