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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Bug Chomo Lungma Guardian Sharkbait
Cobra Commander Undone Vanishing Point
Cobra Commander Dragonfire bcost74
Cobra Commander Cobra Leader in Diving Gear Blood Brigade
Cobra Commander Snake Transformation DanOfTheDead
Cobra Commander "I Once Wasss a Man" cartoon movie spore transformation DREMEL
Creeper Cobra-La Insecticycle Driver Kwinn_Lives
Empirical Knight Cobra-la mounted guard units. DREMEL
Golobulous Cobra La Supreme Ruler russdawg
Golobulus Glows in the Dark DarkHelmet
Golobulus Leader of Cobra Vong La gijoey
Golobulus Cobra-La Prince smasher
Golobulus Founder of NEMESIS GROUP Die Hunn
Golobulus Ruler xave
Golobulus Cobra-La Supreme Leader humanoid form Kwinn_Lives
Golobulus Cobra La Supreme Ruler russdawg
Golobulus Cobra-La Leader Ian
Golobulus Cobra-La Emperor alleyviperelite
Golobulus Battle Armor mazinz
Golobulus Cobra La Leader Setthotep
Golobulus Cobra-La Emperor Kambei
Golobulus Cobra-la leader DREMEL
Golobulus Founder of Cobra Robulus
Golobulus Cobra-La Supreme Commander Darko
Golobulus Cobra-La Leader starwarsgeek
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