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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Bombstrike Forward Air Controller elgoodo
Crimson Guard Commander Crimson Guard Officer pbarny
Destro Cobra Agent / Arms Dealer / M.A.R.S. CEO Tunnel Rat
Dr. Venom Cobra Scientist Matthew
Fred VII Crimson Guard pbarny
Grunt Comic Pack Infantry Matthew
Hawk Missile Commander remster_9
Kwinn Mercenary Matthew
Kwinn the Eskimo Mercenary Mr Nobody
Lady Jaye Counter Intelligence pbarny
Medusa Trooper Baroness' personal soldiers toy-nutz
Outback Outback, Green Shirt version Falcon
Roadblock Heavy Machine Gunner pbarny
Rock 'N Roll Machine Gunner Matthew
Scarface Cobra Courier Matthew
Snake Eyes Comic Commando Matthew
Torquemada, Crispo & DeSade Interrogators/Torturers a.dream.deferred
Vance Wingfield Comic Pack Para-Military Commander Matthew
Zandar Brother of Zartan and Zarana bcost74
Zarana Sister of Zartan and Zandar bcost74
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