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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Agent Natalie Poole Covert Operations Veronica Mars
Annihilator Iron Grenadiers Elite Trooper Ian
Back-Stop Dead Eye Driver (Sigma 6) THE Mike™
Beach Head Ranger Kwinn_Lives
Black Dragon Leader of the Black Dragon Organization toy-nutz
Black Dragon Spy Organization Warlord Void
Black Dragon Assassin Assassin acmirro
Black Dragon Assault Trooper Black Dragon Soldier toy-nutz
Black Dragon Commander Mercenary; Special Ops joewest
Black Dragon Decimator Heavy Assualt Trooper njmace13
Black Dragon Elite Ninja Cobrasaboteur
Black Dragon Elite Trooper acmirro
Black Dragon Fang Black Dragon Roar Tank Driver toy-nutz
Black Dragon Guard Body Guard acmirro
Black Dragon Insurgent Terrorist Operative njmace13
Black Dragon Leader Ninja Leader john_mounier
Black Dragon Ninja Commando Black Dragon Ninja toy-nutz
Black Dragon Roar Commander Roar Tank Commander toy-nutz
Black Dragon Troop Mercenary; Special Ops joewest
Black Dragon Trooper Infantry Void
Black Ice Arctic Specialist (Sigma 6) THE Mike™
Black Ice Arctic Specialist THE Mike™
BulletBat Super Adventure Team Member Joeczar
Captain Bristow Night Stalkers Commander past nastification
Chacal Noir Cobra Scavenger LeeMarvin80
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