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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Boom-Boom Eagle Force Demolitions Kwinn_Lives
Brawn Autotbot Demolitions Kwinn_Lives
Depth Charge Underwater Demolitions LeeMarvin80
Freight Demolitions past nastification
Freight Indirect Fire Specialist Otto the Otter
Freight Demolitions Kwinn_Lives
Nitro Demolitions expert dbmills1
Sabre Tooth Tiger Force Demolitions Kwinn_Lives
Scrap Iron Anti-Armor Specialist The Gooch
Sidetrack Jungle Survival Specialist LeeMarvin80
Static Line Sky Patrol Demolitionist Vanishing Point
Strike Team Delta Demolition/ Information/Warfare Sgt.Rican
Tripwire EOD sgcaper
Triton Underwater Demolitions Vanishing Point
Wreckage Demolition Specialist StevieSNLD
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