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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Annihilator Iron Grenadier Airborne Assault Kwinn_Lives
Annihilator Destro's Bodyguards & Airborne Trooper supersnake
B.A.T. HA Android Trooper FNAadventures
Darklon Destro's cousin nighthawk
Destro Cobra and Iron Grenadier Weapons Supplier russdawg
Destro Arms Dealer C_Money_Collins
Destro Weapons Supplier jldubbya515
Destro Arms Dealer FNAadventures
Destro Iron Grenadier Leader DarkHelmet
Destro (Flight Suit) Fighter Pilot Morgardee
Iron Anchor Iron Grenadier Frogmen lg
Iron Anvil Iron Grenadier Paratrooper Kwinn_Lives
Iron Grenadier Elite Trooper raptor
Iron Grenadier Destro's Elite Trooper Kwinn_Lives
Ironlord Terrorism ToneGuns
Lance-Sergeant NCO (Non Commissioned Officer) C Urbach
Negator Iron Grenadier Anti-Gravity Pilot Kwinn_Lives
Polecat Iron Grenadier Armor Driver Kwinn_Lives
TARGAT Iron Grenadier Global Assault Kwinn_Lives
Undertow Iron Grenadier Frogman Kwinn_Lives
Voltar Iron Genadier General sgcaper
Voltar Destro's General lg
Voltar General nighthawk
Voltar Iron Grenadier Commander Kwinn_Lives
Wild Boar Iron Grenadier Driver Kwinn_Lives
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