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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Ashley J. Williams Time traveller/cocky hero Jin saotome
Bishop EOD Zombie Killer joemichaels70
Bruce Wayne Soldier gijoey
Budo End Of Days Warrior gijoey
Cobra Trooper Survivor (ATR version) Destruction & Survival sgcaper
David Gallo Cobra Trooper Keenan
Destro Weapons Supplier Dark Horse
Dodger Tech expert Keenan
Duke First Sergeant Keenan
Father Christmas Zombie Hunter gijoey
Gung Ho Marine Recon Commander Keenan
Jim Conti Cobra Trooper Keenan
Kyle "Specter" Marshall Zombie Outbreak Survivalist bcost74
Lt. Claymore End of Days Almost zombie MacGyver
Mainframe Computer specialist Keenan
Mike Power Adventurer gijoey
Psyche-Out Deceptive Warfare Keenan
Repeater Dual-Cam Machine Gunner Keenan
Requiem EoD Zombie Hunter Oneforceleader
Rick Grimes EOD Zombie Killer joemichaels70
Roadblock Heavy machine gunner Keenan
Robo-Joe Defense and infantry Keenan
Salvo Heavy weapons expert and vehicle repai Keenan
Serpentor Emperor Keenan
Snake Eyes End of Days Commando Dark Horse
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