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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Airtight Hostile Environment Kwinn_Lives
Avalanche 181st Serpents Demolitionist iwbeta
Bazooka John The ZombieGuide joemichaels70
Bomb Bay Marine Mainframe
Boom Boom Bomb Disposal Driver beav
Budo End Of Days Warrior gijoey
Buster EOD danielb
David Gallo Cobra Trooper Keenan
Deep Six Primary: Diver Secondary: EOD Garrey
Demo Viper Urban Demolitions Kamakura
Depth Charge Underwater Demolitions Kwinn_Lives
Destro Weapons Supplier Dark Horse
Ducky Navy S.E.A.L. harlie
E.O.D. Viper Explosive Ordnance Disposal The pros from Dover
E.O.D.B.A.T. Explosive Ordnance Disposal B.A.T. The pros from Dover
Firebomb E.O.D Jimbotron
Hazard EOD Vanishing Point
Jim Conti Cobra Trooper Keenan
Lightfoot E.O.D. Spin Doctor
Lightfoot Urban Assault Team Demolitionist iwbeta
Lightfoot Bomb Defusal Specialist beav
Lightfoot Combat Engineer Kwinn_Lives
Longarm DEF EOD Vanishing Point
Longarm EOD OreoBuilder
Longarm DEF RAID UNIT Vanishing Point
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