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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Abbey Chase Danger Girl drbindy
Ace Fighter Pilot Kwinn_Lives
Ace Fighter Pilot Kwinn_Lives
Agent Grayson Espionage, Gotham-Style drbindy
Agent Zero Mercenary / former government operative Tim 121RVC
Arrow Justice League, Protector of Starling City drbindy
Baroness MEDUSA HIGH COUNCIL drbindy
Batgirl a.k.a. Barbara Gordon drbindy
Batgirl Comic Style Crimefighter drbindy
Batman Dark Knight Ultimate drbindy
Beach Head Ranger (issue 47) Kwinn_Lives
Beach Head Sea Devils Ranger Kwinn_Lives
Beaver Canadian Patrol Pathfinder Kwinn_Lives
Black Widow Espionage drbindy
Bombstrike Forward Air Controller Kwinn_Lives
Bombstrike Sea Devils Forward Air Controller Kwinn_Lives
Buck Rogers 80's Style Adventure in the 25th Century drbindy
Buzzer Dreadnok Scrapper Kwinn_Lives
Captain America Avenger, a.k.a. Steve Rogers drbindy
Checkpoint Steel Brigade Security Kwinn_Lives
Ciclon Diabolic Commander Mainframe
Claymore Covert Operations Kwinn_Lives
Clutch Transportation, Re-Formed Joe Team drbindy
Cobra Daemon Python Patrol Tele-Viper Kwinn_Lives
Cobra Ghoul Python Patrol Trooper Kwinn_Lives
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