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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Arcus the Rogue Dungeons and Dragons character bcost74
Bile Demon Dungeon Keeper monster Tim 121RVC
Brigand Common Theran Bandit Doc Rob
Clive Knight bono275
ColdSpell Knight o' the Dawn ibps
Conan Cimmerian Barbarian pluv
Dark Master Lord Of Darkness ronin292007
Death Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse bcost74
Dracula Dark Prince of Walachia, Transylvania bcost74
Drizzt Do'Urden Drow/Dark Elf Ranger TeknoKyo
Gort Mercenary / Warrior / Blacksmith bono275
Green Goblin World of Warcraft Spider-Man arch Enemy IrwinMFletcher
Grim Reaper Death Sharkbait
Hans Mercenary/Warrior bono275
Harry Dresden Wizard raptor
HeatStroke Knight o' the Dawn ibps
Hellfire, aka Sophia Dante Paladin Knight drbindy
Juma of Kush Warrior, mercenary Kambei
King Cobra Supreme Ruler of Cobra bcost74
Lady Shana O'Hara: Scarlett Archer dedmanoncampus
Lance Sputnik Sexy Gaucho joemichaels70
Lay-Zor Kumite Fighter pluv
LEGION Warrior of the Underworld bcost74
Luke Mercenary / Warrior bono275
Mithrandir (The Grey Pilgrim) Wizard/Istari G.I.JAC
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