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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Barbecue Firefighter Iron Will
Barbecue Fire Fighter OreoBuilder
Barbecue Firefighter OreoBuilder
Barbecue Firefighter Vanishing Point
Barbecue Firefighter Lance Sputnik
Barbecue Firefighter OreoBuilder
Crash Crew Fireman OreoBuilder
Firefighter "Hook" James Firefighter sgcaper
Firefighter Kenna Firefighter sgcaper
Firefighter McGuiness Firefighter sgcaper
Firefighter Red Firefighter sgcaper
Firefighter Smith Firefighter sgcaper
Grizzly Smoke Jumper LobsterOverlord
Halligan Firefighter sgcaper
Hot Shot GI Joe Smoke Jumper bucky
Ice Cream Soldier Chemical Assault trooper Vanishing Point
Inferno Sigma 6 Flamethrower toy-nutz
Lance Sputnik Firefighter for Justice Lance Sputnik
Melvin L4D: Firefighter DanOfTheDead
Truckie GI Joe Firefighter alleyviperelite
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