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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Barbecue Funskool Firefighter OreoBuilder
Beachhead Funskool Ranger OreoBuilder
Beachhead Funskool Ranger OreoBuilder
Buzzer Funskool Dreadnok OreoBuilder
Canary Ann Funskool Action Commando OreoBuilder
Cross Country Funskool Action Commando OreoBuilder
Hawk Funskool GI Joe Commander OreoBuilder
Major Bludd Funskool Mercenary OreoBuilder
Rednok Funskool Action Commando OreoBuilder
Ripper Funskool Dreadnok OreoBuilder
Rocker Funskool Action Commando OreoBuilder
Short Fuse Funskool Mortar Soldier OreoBuilder
Skydiver Funskool Paratrooper OreoBuilder
Snake Eyes Funskool Commando OreoBuilder
Stalker Funskool Ranger OreoBuilder
Stalker Funskool Ranger - Red Variant OreoBuilder
Street Viper Funskool Motorcycle Assault Trooper OreoBuilder
Striker Funskool Action Commandos OreoBuilder
Super Cop Funskool Police Officer OreoBuilder
Torpedo Funskool SEAL OreoBuilder
Wild Bill Funskool Pilot OreoBuilder
Wild Weasel Funskool Cobra Pilot OreoBuilder
Zap Funskool Bazooka Trooper - Emerald Version OreoBuilder
Zap Funskool Bazooka Soldier - Drab Variant OreoBuilder
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