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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Beach Bum GUTS! Jungle Fighters OreoBuilder
Bill Tell GUTS! Jungle Fighter OreoBuilder
Captain Burns GUTS! Laser Fighters OreoBuilder
Dark Dragon Aikido Force King of th Knife OreoBuilder
Dart Aikido Force Warrior OreoBuilder
Hawkeye GUTS! Ground Troops OreoBuilder
Iron Fist Holder of the ancient secret of the iron hand OreoBuilder
K-9 Kid GUTS! Green Beret OreoBuilder
Kobudo Aikido Force Warrior OreoBuilder
Lone Wolf GUTS! Jungle Fighter OreoBuilder
Long Chop GUTS! Aikido Force OreoBuilder
Major Mac Krell GUTS! Underwater Demolitions Team OreoBuilder
Panther Claw Aikido Force Stealth Warrior OreoBuilder
Sensei GUTS! Aikido Force OreoBuilder
Steel Fingers GUTS! Green Beret OreoBuilder
Tiger Tooth GUTS! Aikido Force OreoBuilder
Torinoko Aikido Force Warrior OreoBuilder
Tsunami Aikido Force Warrior OreoBuilder
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