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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Alexandra 'Armada' McCullen Destro's Duaghter theunknown
Arsenal (M.A.R.S.) Chief of Security (aka Headman) theunknown
Brutus Headhunters Bodyguard alleyviperelite
Cannabis Drug Dealer Mainframe
Doctor Headbenderman Drug Kingpin and Science Guy Lance Sputnik
Gristle Headhunters Dealer alleyviperelite
Gristle (M.A.R.S.) Lieutenant - Security Division theunknown
Headhunter Narcotics officer CDR
Headhunter (M.A.R.S.) Security Personnel theunknown
Headhunter Narcotics Guard CDR
Headhunter B.A.T. Android Trooper Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Headhunter Officer (M.A.R.S.) Headhunter Unit Commander theunknown
Headhunter Storm Viper (M.A.R.S.) Project COIL - Advanced Security theunknown
Headman Headhunter alleyviperelite
Hustler Headhunters Dealer alleyviperelite
Liquidator Headman's Enforcer Mainframe
Lord Darklon (M.A.R.S.) Family Heir and CEO theunknown
Mortal Headhunter Sniper alleyviperelite
Pantero Headhunters Bodyguard alleyviperelite
Pound Player Narcotics Trafficker past nastification
Pusher Headhunter Dealer alleyviperelite
Sensei Mike Minnelli American Ninja Master Oneforceleader
Threats Headhunters Dealer alleyviperelite
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