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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
B.A.T. Valor vs. Venom bucky
B.A.T. Joe vs. Cobra Edition bucky
BeeZoar Dr. Mantis' Mistake joemichaels70
Blowtorch New Sculpt Homage bucky
Duke Joe vs. Cobra Edition bucky
Duke Valor vs. Venom bucky
Fast Draw Mobile Missile Attack Specialist bucky
Fast Track Battle Luge Driver bucky
Father Joe Michael Strudel Criminal Mastermind Lance Sputnik
Firefly Sound Attack Sabatour bucky
Hacker Computer Tech/Infiltration bucky
JoeMichaels70 Social Butterfly pluv
Knighthawk Series 04 - Outdoor Adventurer drbindy
Pinhead Sadism joemichaels70
Scrap Iron Anti Armor Specialist/Inventor bucky
Sky Creeper Cobra Air Support bucky
Slice Cobra Ninja bucky
Sneek Peek Advanced Recon bucky
Space Bucky Space Buck'n joemichaels70
Spider-Man Your friendly neighborhood wall crawler Kilcarr
Steve Austin Bionic Adventures drbindy
Wolfman Even a man who is pure at heart ... joemichaels70
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