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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Adventurer Adventure Team bcost74
Agent Dark Pack Commando CDR
Agent George Dillon Rescue Team Mission Director SOCOM 6
Air Adventurer Adventure Team bcost74
Alexander de Large A Clockwork Orange bcost74
Ali Bombay Research and Development past nastification
Alien Visitor Generic Alien from the V series ME bcost74
B.A. Baracus A-Team Mechanic StevieSNLD
B.A.M. & The Suze Intelligence/Steel Fabrication Otto the Otter
Baby Boy Tremor Smokin Aces 2 Assassin's Ball bcost74
Baron Ironblood Organisational Military Strategy/Born Leader Kilcarr
Baroness Cobra's Iintelligence Officer NIKOLAI
Bazooka John The ZombieGuide joemichaels70
Beach Head Ranger (issue 47) Kwinn_Lives
Beach Head E-9 Command Sergeant Major bucky
Beach Head Ranger V2 KrushViper
Beach Head New Sculpt Homage bucky
Beachhead Hard Point Insertian Asphalt
Bealzeboba Mindbender Minion, Former Blueshirt joemichaels70
Big Brawler Merry Brawlin Christmas Sharkbait
Big Lob Grenadier Mainframe
Black Out Cobra Sniper bucky
Blade Vampire Hunter Phalanxx
Blockbuster Black Ops/Wet Works john_mounier
Blockbuster Dreadnok john_mounier
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