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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Bushmaster Range Viper Immortal The pros from Dover
Envee Immortals Sniper alleyviperelite
Flak Viper Immortal Elite Anti-Aircraft The pros from Dover
Frag Viper Immortal Elite Grenadier The pros from Dover
Gallows Immortals Heavy Gunner alleyviperelite
Inferno Immortals Flamethrower alleyviperelite
Jungle Viper Immortal Elite Jungle Trooper The pros from Dover
Munitia Immortals Tank Command alleyviperelite
Neurotoxin Immortals Chemical Agent alleyviperelite
Night Viper Immortal Special Night Ops Leader The pros from Dover
Razorclaw Immortals Hand to Hand Combat alleyviperelite
Rebar Alley Viper Immortal Commander The pros from Dover
SAW Viper Immortal Elite Urban Heavy Weapons The pros from Dover
Skullbuster Immortals Wilderness Specialist alleyviperelite
Vanguard Immortals Scout alleyviperelite
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