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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Alex Sector Research and Development past nastification
Beast Ninja Commander Team Leader past nastification
Boffin Scientist, Special Weapons Team past nastification
Boris Bushkin with Snowpack Research & Development past nastification
Buddy Hawks Research & Development past nastification
Chicago Al "A Nostalgic Type" past nastification
Colonel Sharif Commanding Officer past nastification
Commander Action Force Commanding Officer past nastification
Crispo Paine Torture Aficionado past nastification
Daisuke Jigen Expert Marksman and Thief FNAadventures
Doc Savage Movie Style Action drbindy
Dr. Joseph Krist Paranormal Researcher and Scholar Doc Rob
Dr. Marcus Brody Museum Curator / Historian / Archaeologist Kamakura
Evy Range Viper past nastification
General Austin Pentagon Oversight past nastification
Gizmo Unconventional Killing Devices past nastification
Han Solo Smuggler and Rogue drbindy
Harley Ace Mechanic past nastification
Indiana Jones Adventure Team Archaeologist sgcaper
Indiana Jones Deep Sea diver Dark Horse
Indiana Jones IV Adventure Team Archaeologist sgcaper
Indiana Jones V3 (Sigma 6) Adventurer MacGyver
Jack Ryan President of the United States DanOfTheDead
Jake Rockwell Centurion (Land Operations Expert) past nastification
James Bond Field Operative past nastification
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