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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Abutre Negro Air Commander raptor
Abutre Negro Para Viper Leader LeeMarvin80
Abutre Negro South American Cobra Official General Hawk
Abutre Negro International Exclusive Void
Admiral Ahab Navy Specialist Major Stone
Ahmed Tribal Chief in Afghanistan past nastification
Armadilha Trapper Jogunwarrior
Armadilha Alley-Viper Commander Mainframe
Assault Trooper Amphibious Assault past nastification
Axe Consortium Shadow Unit Trooper Phobus
Baron Ironblood Organisational Military Strategy/Born Leader Kilcarr
Baron Ironblood Supreme Commander past nastification
Baron Ironblood Terror Owner of a lonely B.A.T.
Baron Ironblood Red Shadows Leader zedhatch
Baron Ironblood Leader of the Red Shadows Void
Baron Ironblood Red Shadows Leader steve2477
Baron Ironblood Red Shadows Commander Ian
Baron Ironblood Action Force Enemy Leader notpicard
Baron Ironblood Red Shadows Supreme Leader past nastification
Baron Ironblood Red Shadows Leader HypnoHustler
Beaver Saboteur steve2477
Big Brawler Tiger Force Jungle Mission Specialist Tim 121RVC
Biomassa Biological Warfare Expert Jogunwarrior
Biosfera Eco-Warriors MJjoe4life
Black Major Red Shadows Second in command Ian
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