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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Agent Jinx Intelligence Doc Rob
Akuma Supreme Master of the Fist Dark Horse
Aqua Madoor Blue Dragon Clan Ninja Oneforceleader
Bakuyaku Jade Dragon Guard Explosives Expert zedhatch
Banzai Monk from Green Dragon Clan of Earth Oneforceleader
Baron Karza Alien Dictator Mainframe
Baroness Adviser and Master Tactician HypnoHustler
Black Dragon Elite Ninja Cobrasaboteur
Budo Samurai SSgt Groover
Budo Samurai Sharkbait
Budo Samurai Warrior fschalk
Budo Samuari Sharkbait
Budo Night Force Samurai Warrior StevieSNLD
Budo Modern-day Samurai Warrior Turbo_Magnus
Budo Kung Fu Master Cobra Commander
Budo Samuari Sharkbait
Budo Samurai Sharkbait
Chi-Kitsune Night Creeper Warrior iwbeta
Cobra Commander Shogun of the Cobra Army HypnoHustler
Cobra Commander Cobra Supreme Munny mr.terrific
Cobra Officer Cobra Officer Munny mr.terrific
Cobra Trooper Footsoldiers of the Cobra Army HypnoHustler
Desert Fox Desert Trooper mshadow
Destro Munny Weapon Supplier mr.terrific
Destro Merchant and Arms Dealer HypnoHustler
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