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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Australian Jungle Fighter 50th Anniversary Soldier of the World OreoBuilder
Backblast Anti-Aircraft Jungle Trooper David Jake
Budo Jungle trooper swordsman David Jake
Cheetah Vehicle Ops LeeMarvin80
Dozer EXCAL Adventure Team; Jungle Exploration drbindy
Duke in Jungle Assault Gear First Sergeant Pugsley
Leatherneck 'n 'Keet Marine David Jake
Lieutenant Onesi: Call Sign: Alpha 1 Jungle Officer sgcaper
Marine Jungle Fighter 50th Anniversary Marine Jungle Fighter OreoBuilder
Muskrat Swamp Specialist alleyviperelite
Muskrat Specialist Squad Jungle Fighter jak1996
Pathfinder Jungle Assault Specialist Sgt Humpty
Pathfinder Jungle Assault Specialist Veronica Mars
Pathfinder Jungle Trooper nighthawk
Pathfinder Jungle Assault Specialist buzzerbr
Range Viper Wilderness Trooper Tim 121RVC
Recondo Jungle Trooper snowman_ejc
Recondo Jungle Trooper buzzerbr
Recondo Jungle Trooper Die Hunn
Recondo Jungle recon Vanishing Point
Recondo Lego Jungle Trooper OreoBuilder
Recondo Jungle Survival Expert sgcaper
Recondo Reimagined Jungle Specialist kingphilbert
Richard Lost villager and rebel pluv
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