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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Aeron Cole Ajax Security drbindy
Agent Eli Watson Mechanic and Transportation drbindy
Agent Sarina Levine Communications and Technology drbindy
Knighthawk Series 04 - Undercover EXCAL Agent drbindy
Knighthawk Series 04 - Arctic (also Explorer Ajax) drbindy
Knighthawk Series 04 - Outdoor Adventurer drbindy
Knighthawk Undercover Agent Dusty79
Knighthawk O-Ring Adventures drbindy
Knighthawk Series 03 - Agent of SHIELD drbindy
Lara Croft Wealthy Explorer and Adventurer drbindy
Percy Ajax Series 01 - Pirate Hunter drbindy
Percy Ajax Series 04 - Ultimate/HACKS drbindy
Percy Ajax Series 03 - Ajax After Dark (also Knighthawk) drbindy
Percy Ajax Series 05 - Combat Armor drbindy
Renaldo "Doc" Fortunato Air Pirate drbindy
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