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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Crystal Army Laser Trooper nova
Cobra De Aco Re-envisioned beav
Cobra De Aco The Most Feared One Among The Cobras Void
Cobra Commando LIVEVIL
Laser Trooper singsingjohnny
Cobra de Aco Laser Gunner Fozzie
Cobra de Aco Foreign Cobra Operative past nastification
Steel Cobra KrushViper
Cobra De Aco Laser Trooper / Field Commander zedhatch
Cobra De Aco Laser Specialist Sharkbait
Cobra De Aco Infantry Commander HypnoHustler
Cobra De Aco 25th Sculpt DarkHelmet
Cobra De Aco Laser Specialist Cobra Command
Cobra LRT Laser Rifle Trooper Kamakura
Draggoon LRRP harlie
Eletron Laser Trooper Mainframe
EZ-Bake High Powered Lasers KeepItCleanCustoms
Flash Laser Rifle Trooper Kamakura
Flash Laser Trooper Ftrdagon
Flash Laser Trooper Cobra Commander
Flash Laser Rifle Trooper jldubbya515
Flash Laser Trooper Kambei
Flash Laser Rifle Trooper Red Sox
Flash Laser Rifle Trooper Wowboy
Flash Weapons Systems Tester Trooper
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