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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Backcountry Pararescue The pros from Dover
Backseat Aircrewman/Medic/SAR/Fwd Air Observer Blakwulf
Band-Aid Eagle Force Combat Medic Kwinn_Lives
Beachcomber Sea Devils Navy Corpsman Kwinn_Lives
Big Bro' Combat Medic past nastification
Bloodhound Wilderness Search & Rescue Doc Rob
Bones U.S. Air Force Pararescue Jumper The pros from Dover
Cobra Officer Field Medic Cobrafirefly84
Crossbones US Navy SEAL Corpsman The pros from Dover
CSAR-Viper Combat Search & Rescue / Recovery starviper
Doc Medic steve2477
Doc Medic - General Surgeon jldubbya515
Doc Medic MUNDO
Doc Ship's Doctor Lance Sputnik
Doc Medic Dusty79
Doc Z-Force Medic OreoBuilder
Doc Medic OreoBuilder
Doc Medic past nastification
Doc Medic Vanishing Point
Doc Medic punkrock-n-roll
DOC Medic buzzerbr
Doc Medic ibps
Doc Head Medic DavAnthony
Doc Battlefield Paramedic alleyviperelite
Doctor Mindbender Surgical Strike Lance Sputnik
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