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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Baroness Enemy Intelligence (Prototype Version) Kwinn_Lives
Beta Man The Arsonist past nastification
Big Bro' Combat Medic past nastification
Bubbles Aquatic Operations past nastification
Captain Eagle Leader of Eagle Force past nastification
Chicago Al "A Nostalgic Type" past nastification
Cobra Commander Enemy Dictator (Prototype Version) Kwinn_Lives
Cobra Officer Enemy Officer (Prototype Version) Kwinn_Lives
Cobra Soldier Enemy Infantry Trooper (Prototype Version) Kwinn_Lives
Doc Terror Stark Industries Scientist past nastification
Eagle Eagle Force Leader Kwinn_Lives
General Austin Pentagon Oversight past nastification
Gizmo Unconventional Killing Devices past nastification
Goldie Hawk Eagle Force Bombardier Kwinn_Lives
Grand Slam Laser Artillery Soldier past nastification
Harley Eagle Force Mechanic Kwinn_Lives
Ivan Cossack Giant past nastification
Kaptain Klaw with Barracuda & The Shark Pirate and his evil parrots past nastification
Kayo Eagle Force Martial Artist Kwinn_Lives
Kelly & King Dog Handler & Canine past nastification
Matt Trakker Research & Development Team Leader past nastification
Redwing Eagle Force Tracker Kwinn_Lives
Repulsor & Dawg Toxo-Viper Commander & Canine past nastification
Ruby Biker / Transportation past nastification
Sabre Tooth Demolitions past nastification
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