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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Barakka Outworld Mortal Kombat Warrior Hive_Viper
Bride of Frankenstein Undead Bride sgcaper
Desade Vampire Lord CDR
Doomsday Alien being made for total destruction unknownsoldier13
Dr Emil Zorak Cobra Scientist joemichaels70
Dr. Mindbender Monster creator kramer 70
Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein Mad Scientist drbindy
Dracula Lord Of Vampires LIVEVIL
Executioner Carrys out punishment kramer 70
FrankenBerry Corporate Mascot joemichaels70
Frankenstein Monster Rosey Joe
Frankenstein Monster Creation kramer 70
Frankenstein's Monster Terror, Fright and Fire Avoidance drbindy
Golobulus Cobra La kramer 70
Headless Horseman Sleepy Hollow Legend pluv
Headless Horseman Legend of Sleepy Hollow kramer 70
Klunk (Star Wars) Mountain Dwelling Creature theunknown
Kraken Aquatic Clone Troops Void
Kraken Shocktroops Underwater Warfare Mastermind
Monstro-Viper Genetically Enhanced Bio-Beast past nastification
Morbius V2 Midnight Sons joemichaels70
Mumm-ra the Ever-Living Mystic Evil drbindy
Nemesis Enforcer Cobra La Guardian Vanishing Point
Pennywise the Clown Eater of children kramer 70
Predator Hunters of the universe kramer 70
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