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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Action Man Man of Action joemichaels70
Baroness Cobra Intelligence Officer jldubbya515
Black Dahlia Covert Operations sgcaper
Cobra Trooper Infantry OreoBuilder
Deathstroke Rogues Gallery drbindy
Ego Celestial being pluv
G.I. Jane America's First Fighting Heroine joemichaels70
Hi-Tech R&D, Operations Support Specialist pluv
HIt & Run Light Infantry actionfigurejunky
Killer Bees A.I.M. Next-Gen Soldier joemichaels70
Low Light GI Joe Sniper actionfigurejunky
Major Bludd Mercenary jldubbya515
Major Tom Ghost Astronaut drbindy
Night Fox Duke's Dirty Dozen Vehicle Driver OreoBuilder
Rock 'N Roll Heavy Machine Gunner actionfigurejunky
Scrap Iron Demolitions Expert joemichaels70
Snake Eyes Female Ninja Commando pluv
Stiletto Covert Operations sgcaper
Wraith Mercenary joemichaels70
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