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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Agent Helix Diversionary Tactician Vanishing Point
Airborne Night Force Paratrooper Lance Sputnik
Airborne Night Force Airborne Assault Trooper OreoBuilder
Ambush Concealment specialist / marksman StevieSNLD
Ambush Night Force Concealment Specialist Jogunwarrior
Anju Aedes Sabotage and demolition StevieSNLD
Apline Night Force Mountain Trooper Jogunwarrior
Beachhead Night Force Ranger OreoBuilder
Blast Off Night Star Pilot OreoBuilder
Blowtorch Flamethrower / Control Burn Firestarter sgcaper
Blue Blood Night Force Commando David Jake
Breaker Night Force Communications Dusty79
Breaker Night Force Communications OreoBuilder
Budo Night Force Samurai Warrior StevieSNLD
Bullet-Proof Night Force Squad Leader Jogunwarrior
Chief Torpedo Night Force SEAL OreoBuilder
Chuck Invasion / Sabotage PCITTON
Clutch Night Force Vehicle Driver Dusty79
Copperhead Cobra Water Vehicle Pilot StevieSNLD
Crazylegs Night Force Air Assualt bucky
Crazylegs Night Force Air Assault Trooper Kwinn_Lives
Dato Aedes Sabotage and demolition StevieSNLD
Dead Eye EXCAL Infantry; Sniper drbindy
Dee-Jay Night Force Communications Specialist Jogunwarrior
Dial-Tone Night Force Communications Kwinn_Lives
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