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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
6-1 Ninja Commando Custom catastrophes
7th Executioner Creverex Shanatu Executioner Lord_Chain
Ace Deuce American Ninja HypnoHustler
Agent Helix Covert Operations Nightshade
Agent Jinx Intelligence Doc Rob
Aguila Roja Ninja CNK01
Aleph Night Creeper Leader alleyviperelite
Aleph Night Creeper Leader C Urbach
Aleph Night Creeper Leader bucky
Anju Aedes Sabotage and demolition StevieSNLD
Anraztemehk Shanatu Emperor Lord_Chain
Aqua Madoor Blue Dragon Clan Ninja Oneforceleader
Ashiko Armored Martial Arts past nastification
Back-Slash Destro's Personal Bodyguard (Version 2) THE Mike
Banzai Monk from Green Dragon Clan of Earth Oneforceleader
Banzai First-Strike Commando/Nunchaku instructor Kilcarr
Banzai Night Creeper alleyviperelite
Banzai Rising Sun Ninja Force Ian
Bat Snake Ninja Hero Commando ronin
Beast Ninja Commander Team Leader past nastification
Beast Ninja Tracker Ground Pursuit past nastification
Big Brawler Ninja Force beav
Billy Cobra Commander's son, Ninja apprentice bucky
Billy Arashikage Ninja Kamakura
Billy Cobra Commanders' Son Dayspring
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