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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Bigtime Python Patrol Officer alleyviperelite
Cobra Officer Cobra Officer jldubbya515
Cobra Officer POC Version nighthawk
Cobra Officers Cobra Command Tunnel Rat
Col. Trautman Colonel US Army Special Forces LIVEVIL
Crimson Guard Generals Crimson Guard leader toy-nutz
Crotalus Cobra First Officer Ian
Eagle Eagle Force Leader Kwinn_Lives
Falcon Tiger Force Lieutenant Kwinn_Lives
Fer de lance (Spearhead) Infantry Commander G.I.JAC
General Bedlam Cobra General LIVEVIL
Goldie Hawk Eagle Force Bombardier Kwinn_Lives
Hawk GIJoe Commander jldubbya515
Infantry Officer Squad Leader Falcone
Iron Grenadier Commanders Destro's Commanders Python Viper
Lance-Sergeant NCO (Non Commissioned Officer) C Urbach
Lt. Bombast Infantry Officer C Richter
Night Watch Commander Shift Commander dancontrino
Scarface Cobra Officer Vanishing Point
Sidewinder Strategist/Interrogator Kwinn_Lives
Steeler Tank Commander Kwinn_Lives
Storm Artillery Officer Kwinn_Lives
Viper - Lieutenant Cobra NCO buzzerbr
Viper Officer Squad Leader C Urbach
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