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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Bigtime Python Patrol Officer alleyviperelite
Cobra Altern Infantry Officer Kwinn_Lives
Cobra Lancer Transportation Officer Kwinn_Lives
Cobra Officer POC Version nighthawk
Cobra Officer Cobra Officer jldubbya515
Cobra Officers Cobra Command Tunnel Rat
Cobra Specter Python Patrol Officer Kwinn_Lives
Col. Trautman Colonel US Army Special Forces LIVEVIL
Crimson Guard Generals Crimson Guard leader toy-nutz
Crotalus Cobra First Officer Ian
Eagle Eagle Force Leader Kwinn_Lives
Falcon Tiger Force Lieutenant Kwinn_Lives
Fer de lance (Spearhead) Infantry Commander G.I.JAC
General Bedlam Cobra General LIVEVIL
Goldie Hawk Eagle Force Bombardier Kwinn_Lives
Hawk General Commander (issue 47) Kwinn_Lives
Hawk GIJoe Commander jldubbya515
Hydra Cobra Frogman Leader Kwinn_Lives
Ice Viper Cobra Polar Officer Kwinn_Lives
Infantry Officer Squad Leader Falcone
Iron Grenadier Commanders Destro's Commanders Python Viper
Lance-Sergeant NCO (Non Commissioned Officer) C Urbach
Lt. Bombast Infantry Officer C Richter
Night Watch Commander Shift Commander dancontrino
Scarface Cobra Officer Vanishing Point
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