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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Big Bear Airborne Assault Kwinn_Lives
Big Bear World War 2 kramer 70
Big Bear Oktober Guard Mountaineer Vanishing Point
Big Bear Battle Corps Anti-Armor Specialist OreoBuilder
Big Bear Oktober Guard Anti-Armor Specialist DavAnthony
Chikatilo Field Commander Kwinn_Lives
Col. Panzer Anti-Tank Specialist Jogunwarrior
Colonel Brekhov Oktober Guard Leader OreoBuilder
Daina Airborne Assault (aka Vorona or Vrana) Kwinn_Lives
Daina Oktober Guard Sniper balashivo
Daina Oktober Guard Sniper OreoBuilder
Dangerous Goods Explosives and Hostile environment expert Cambo V1
Drogonsky Oktober Guard flamethrower and mechanic Vanishing Point
Grom Oktober Guard Urban Warfare Kwinn_Lives
Horror Show Oktober Guard Anti-Armour/Heavy Weapons toy-nutz
Horror-Show Oktober Guard Anti-Armour Kwinn_Lives
Horrorshow Anti-Armor Munitionist Vanishing Point
Ilyusha Oktober Guard Fighter Pilot Kwinn_Lives
Iron Bear General Kwinn_Lives
Krieger Oktober Guard Intelligence OreoBuilder
Lt Gorky Oktober Guard Naval Infantry Vanishing Point
Lt. Daina Marksman/Helicopter Pilot Vanishing Point
Lt. Volga Oktober Guard GITrekker
Mig Oktober Guard Fighter Pilot bucky
Paketa Oktober Guard Pilot Phobus
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