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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Abutre Negro Para Viper Leader LeeMarvin80
Airborne 2 / Air Raid Sky Patrol Parachute rigger Vanishing Point
Big Bear Oktober Guard Mountaineer Vanishing Point
Brigadier Venatic Viper Air Assault Brigade Commander starviper
Cobra Paratrooper Cobra Special Squads CNK01
Crazy Legs Lego Parachute Trooper OreoBuilder
Free Fall Paratrooper Kwinn_Lives
Freefall Paratrooper wertdog78
Halo HALO Jumper Vanishing Point
Halo Viper Halo Jumper Lance Sputnik
Iron Anvil Iron Grenadier Paratrooper Kwinn_Lives
Manleh Argentine Parachutist Midgarn
Rip Cord HALO Jumper Spin Doctor
Rip Cord Tiger Force HALO Jumper Kwinn_Lives
Ripcord Tiger Force HALO jumper the odinson
Ripcord HALO Trooper OreoBuilder
Ripcord HALO Jumper breaker819
Ripcord HALO Jumper buzzerbr
Scrage Oktober Guard Paratrooper Vanishing Point
Sky Fighter American Defense Pilot OreoBuilder
Skydiver Tiger Force Paratrooper Kwinn_Lives
Steel Brigade Paratrooper HALO jumper the odinson
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