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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Bayonet Plague Infantry / Arctic Expert carnage717
Bayonet Plague Snow Serpent LeeMarvin80
Black Out Plague Sniper carnage717
Body Bags Plague Range Viper LeeMarvin80
Body Bags Plague Infantry / Wilderness Expert carnage717
Body Bags Plague Range Viper past nastification
Breach Plague Infantry / Urban Warfare Expert carnage717
Cobra Plague: Infrared Crimson Guard Operator sgcaper
Gallows Plague Saw Viper LeeMarvin80
Gallows Plague Heavy Machine Gunner carnage717
Gash Plague Trooper - Frag Viper Class C.I.A.D.
Gasoline Plague Trooper - Incinerator Class C.I.A.D.
Gearbox Plague Trooper - Track Viper Class C.I.A.D.
Ghost Plague Trooper - Night Viper Class C.I.A.D.
Ghoul Plague Infantry / Night Operations Expert carnage717
Glacier Plague Trooper - Snow Serpent Class C.I.A.D.
Grave Digger Plague Trooper - Alley Viper Class C.I.A.D.
Gridlock Cobra Plague Trooper Liftoff
Grim Skull Plague Trooper joemichaels70
Grim Skull Plague Sand Viper LeeMarvin80
Grime Plague Trooper - Techno Viper Class C.I.A.D.
Grimskull Plague Infantry / Desert Expert carnage717
Guillotine Plague Commander OreoBuilder
Guillotine Plague Leader carnage717
Guillotine Dark Force Dictator russdawg
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