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Codename Speciality/Blurb Creator
Abraham "Grampa" Simpson B.A.T. Simpsons Crossover Dusty79
Ace Conquest Liberty Pilot Dusty79
Agent Black Spectrum Agents team Leader Oneforceleader
Agent Blue Spectrum Agents Oneforceleader
Agent Delgado Tiger Force Operative icecreamman
Agent Doulox Undercover Agent icecreamman
Agent Greene Spectrum Agents Oneforceleader
Agent Grey Spectrum Agents Oneforceleader
Agent Helix Diversionary Tactician Vanishing Point
Agent Oran Ge Spectrum Agents Oneforceleader
Agent Redd Spectrum Agent Oneforceleader
Agent Venom Secret Avenger icecreamman
Air Viper Officer Cobra Pilot Corps OreoBuilder
Airborne Helicopter Assault Trooper icecreamman
Airborne Helicopter Assault Trooper icecreamman
Airtight Hostile Environment Trooper OreoBuilder
Alfred Pennyworth Bruce Wayne's Butler drbindy
Alley Viper Urban Assault Trooper icecreamman
Alley Viper Urban Operations OreoBuilder
Alpine Tiger Force Mountain Trooper OreoBuilder
Amy Pond 11th Doctor's Companion (second version) drbindy
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Stalker Simpsons Crossover Dusty79
Army NBC Troopers NBC Troopers sgcaper
Azrael Angel of Vengeance icecreamman
Aztec Alien Technology and Warfare Specilist icecreamman
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